Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia
Taiwan has demonstrated excellence in medicine and healthcare
Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia
Representatives of more than 6,000 companies from around the world, academics, academics, journalists and thousands of visitors attended the MCMEX 2019 Specialized Medical Expo in Taiwan's Taipei Capital, organized by the Taiwan Medical and Biotechnology Industry Association and the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council.

      During the forum, most of the deals were made by representatives of China, Vietnam, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

     The focus of the exhibition was on innovations in medical equipment and components using high technology and artificial intelligence in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients. At the Smart OR Scenario Pavilion, participants were able to get acquainted with the latest generation of devices in various fields of medicine, such as Lite-Med Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter & Therapy, COMDEK Patient Monitor, Eped Surgical Navigation System, Robotic Surgical Robot Technologies and Apixia Imaging and Complex Scanner.

The forum generated a lot of interest during the event

"Intelligent Hospital Solutions for Elderly Patients."

    Increasing the number of older people in the modern world poses health systems, insurers and insurers, and entire societies, to many challenges that can be successfully met through an integrated approach - computer applications, apparatus and electronic systems to help elderly patients in hospitals, in their homes and in the specialized institutions where they are cared for. Exactly such solutions were demonstrated in Taipei in 2019 and were identified by experts as the future of medicine.

       A number of hospitals from Taiwan were represented during MCMEX 2019. They demonstrated in real time to the experts, businessmen and journalists from different countries the development of medical technology and industry in the country, the integration of software and hardware in comprehensive medical care. With the already traditional exhibition, Taiwan has proven to have a very strong capacity in the development, production and implementation of innovations in medicine, including artificial intelligence. The state creates its own brands for medical components, which is expected to stimulate the development of Taiwan's medical industry.

    Taipei also hosted two notable scientific events - the 2019 World Laser Medicine Congress and the TRANS Conference Global Biomedical Innovation Conference.

      Taiwan's National Health Insurance System was announced by CNN as the world's best in 2014. When organizing healthcare and providing adequate funding, combined with the widespread use of innovation and high technology in medicine, the result is extremely positive.


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