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>  INVITATION: SEMICON Taiwan 2018                
TMTS 2018 expects record number of exhibitors and visitors
 The fast developing Taiwanese Machine Tool Show will focus on smart manufacturing trends

   TMTS 2018 will not buck the trend – again the leading brands of Taiwan machine tool and accessory builders’ industry will be there - to show their technological achievements, latest products and solutions. Again the exhibition will show the full supply chain of the Taiwanese machine tool industry - metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, machine tool accessories, components, parts, fluid power, CNC and drive system & auxiliary equipment, cutting tools, tool-holding & work-holding devices, measurement instruments, smart manufacturing systems, industrial robots, CAD/CAM, software, etc.
   „Besides enriching exhibition items, in order to assist our enterprises to expand overseas business, as well as to seek cooperation opportunities with foreign companies, we will hold purchasing conferences during the TMTS 2018 and invite international buyers and exhibitors to conduct face-to-face matchmaking meetings, which is the quickest and best way for exhibitors to meet buyers' needs, and is a significant platform to expand business opportunities and interactions, and to further grasp the market pulse“, said Ms. Elisa Li, Vice-President of TMBA at TMTS 2018 Pre-show Press Conference.
   The motto of TMTS 2018 will be “Manufacture Linking ∙ Activate the Future". This year’s exhibition emphasis is on smartification of machine tools as a global manufacturing trend. Again Industry 4.0, big data, the Internet of Things, automated periphery, etc. and - as a result, faster and more efficient production, better product quality, and reduced costs - are the focus. “Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers use their solid information and communication technology (ICT), coupled with mobile devices such as smart phones/tablets, to provide smart functions such as remote management and monitoring to end users.
   Also, various industrial sectors (such as: aviation, automobiles, textiles, printed circuit boards and plumbing hardware industries ) can store, process, and analyse sensor data collected from factory machines or equipment through the cloud system (National IIoT PaaS - NIP), and further provide service designs that will act for smart solutions in the market.At the same time, Taiwan's machine tool suppliers have made use of smart technologies to enhance environmental protection and energy-saving functions so that their products can meet the standards and requirements of environmental protection in the international manufacturing industry. Therefore, the Taiwanese machine tool industry has not only spared no efforts to solidify the precision and reliability of the machines, but also dedicated itself to implementing smart functions to enhance their clients' competitiveness as global manufacturing system is moving toward intelligence”, said Mr. Jui-Hsiung Yen, Chairman of TMBA, at the Press Conference.
   The machine tool industry has the largest output value in Taiwan’s machinery sector. Even though is a small island – Taiwan has a global market share of 5 to 6%, which makes the country the seventh largest machine tool producer in the world. Almost 80% of Taiwan's machine tool sales are export-oriented – the country is the fifth largest exporter of machine tools in the world. The main export destinations include China (33.2% of total exports), and United States (11%). 90% of Taiwan's machine tool accessory manufacturers – mostly located in the central Taiwan, especially in Taichung, are small and medium-sized companies. 

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