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Taiwan made a donation to the municipality of Dimovo

Lozan Lozanov handed a letter of thanks to Patty Lin

Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia
 Mayor Lozan Lozanov said to Fakti.bg that Dimovo Municipality received a donation from representatives of the Taiwanese Trade Center - Sofia.

"Thanks for the donation. With this technique we will improve the work of the administration, "said the mayor of Dimovo.

Lozan Lozanov greeted the guests in his office, where he signed the donation contract with Patty Lin, the head of the Taiwanese Trade Center - Sofia. Computers were received by the two deputy mayors of the municipality, the Territorial Computing Center, the Center for Social Services and Rehabilitation and the Kindergarten in Dimovo.

Lozan Lozanov handed to Patty Lin a letter of thanks for the gift that the municipal administration received.

"I want to thank for the opportunity to donate these Taiwanese computers to the municipal administration. I hope that the ties between Bulgaria and Taiwan will continue to grow so well in the future, "said Patti Lin.

Lozanov presented a plaque of Dimovo Municipality as a gift, which was enthusiastically accepted by Patty Lin.  She left Dimovo Municipality with souvenirs for memory.

I hope that the cooperation between Dimovo and Taiwan will continue, said Lozan Lozanov.

Source: fakti.bg/bulgaria/274315-taivan-napravi-darenie-na-obshtina-dimovo


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