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The first sports village in Taipei
Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia
  The village where the participants of 2017 Universiade Athletes' of Taipei will be accommodated has been officially put into operation. That happens just a few days before the official opening of the sporting event. Taipei 2017 Universiade Athletes' Village has to accommodate 11,400 people from all over the world.

  "This is the first from this type of settlement in Taiwan. It is funded by the national governments of Taipei and New Taipei", said Taipei Mayor Co Wen Jie during the official opening ceremony and promised that visitors will feel at home.

  The sports village consists 34 buildings. 23 of them are residential buildings with 2138 apartments. In each of them can live between 3 and 7 people depending on the size of the property.

  The kitchen area has a capacity of 3500 seats. It will work 20 hours a day and will provide 40,000 servings of food.

  The first 350 people from 32 countries, including the UK, Canada and France, have already arrived for the event, which will last from 19 August to 30 August.

Source: fakti.bg/imoti/254261-parvoto-po-roda-si-sportno-selo-v-taipe-video


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