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TAITRA organized a media tour of machine building factories in Taiwan
Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia

The leading publishing house for specialized technical periodical publications TLL Media was part of a media tour of factories in the field of machine building in Taiwan. The tour, organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), took place between April 9th and 15th 2017.

TAITRA is jointly sponsored by the government, industry associations, and several commercial organizations. TAITRA assists Taiwan businesses and manufacturers with rein-forcing their international competitiveness and in coping with the challenges they face in foreign markets. TAITRA's mission also involves close cooperation with authorities in implementing trade policies and providing consultancy services and linking international companies with Taiwanese partners. Apart from headquarters in Taipei, the organization has four local and 60 overseas branch offices worldwide.

During the tour it became clear that the Taiwan machine tools industry has been playing a key role in the global market. 80% of the total machine tools turned out, which valued around US$ 4 billion annually in the past 3 years, are exported to over 138 countries across the world, making Taiwan the fifth largest machine tool export country behind Germany, Japan, Italy and China. The industry is composed of small and medium-sized enterprises, united by the goal of turning Taiwan into a global center for producing of high-quality machines ready for the next stage of the Industrial Revolution.

The media tour included a visit to ten manufacturing plants. Among them were TBI Motion, a specialized manufacturer of linear motion products - ball screws, linear guides, linear ball bearings, etc., and Luren, a company producing gear cutting tools and gear grinding machines. The delegation also visited the manufacturer of vertical centers AWEA and Jainnher, manufacturer of grinding machines for external and internal machining of parts.

On the next day the media tour continued with a visit to Lien Chieh Machinery, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic presses in Asia. Gifu Enterprise impressed with a new modern factory for a very wide range of high-tech automatic tool changers and milling heads. In the last two days have been visited the manufacturer of machining centers and CNC lathes Pinnacle, the company for machines for electro-erosion processing CHMER, as well as two of the leading producers of milling and modern machining - KAFO and YCM.

All visited manufacturers showed production based on their own development activities and quality components. Great attention is paid to internal production control at each stage of the manufacturing process. For these reasons, most manufacturers are committed to maintaining the entire production cycle on their own, with particular attention being paid to ensuring the precision of machine operation. Each factory has a modernly equipped test laboratory and, in most cases, own spindle production unit.

Taiwanese manufacturers consider all this an advantage of their production, which they are convinced is able to compete with recognized global and European brands. This is confirmed by the reference lists of customers which feature leading manufacturers of aircraft, cars, machine building companies from Japan and Europe. In terms of partnerships with European companies, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Spain are the main countries involved. Taiwanese manufacturers consider Southeastern Europe still an unfamiliar but very interesting market. As a competitive advantage for the region, Taiwanese companies emphasize a personalized approach to customer care - technology solutions also comply with brand requirements for automation and CNC components, and finished products are available at flexible prices.

A special meeting with Taichung City Government was also organized for participants in the media tour, during which a new government program for smart machine development and production in Taiwan was presented. The aim of the program is to strengthen the industrial value chain in smart manufacturing, products and services through a clear strategy to support businesses and universities over the next ten years.


Author: Petya Naydenova



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