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Uber returns to Taiwan
 The company has a new business plan

Taiwan Trade Center, Sofia
 The travel company Uber announced its return to Taiwan, Focus Taiwan reported.

The company has prepared a new business model, including co-operation with car rental companies.

The service for the territory of the country was suspended two months ago. Uber Asia Director Asia Mike Brown said it was a difficult decision, but he also enjoyed the return of the service.

"We are aware that we have to comply with the culture and laws of each country we work in," said Brown.

The company will work with local car rental companies after communicating with the Ministry of Transport.

The service will be available again in Taipei. It will gradually spread to the rest of the country. Some time ago, the Taiwanese Finance Ministry announced that Uber owes taxes of over $ 4 million.

For the first time, the company stepped into the country in 2013. Then it claimed there was better service than taxis.

Author: Rosen Stoychev

Source: fakti.bg/biznes/232784-uber-se-zavrashta-v-taivan

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