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Taiwanese medical for the first in the world operates minimally invasive tumors of the head and neck
 On January 17 at the National Taiwanese University Hospital in Taipei was performed the world's first minimally invasive procedure to remove tumors of the head and neck. The innovative method developed by nurses in the hospital, is attached so far successfully in over 200 operations lymph nodes, salivary glands and thyroid.

Dr. Yang Cung-Lin, team leader, said that this is a remarkable breakthrough, since almost 90% of cases involve open surgery. "The new approach minimizes the aesthetic impact of the operation, while at the same time allows greater surgical precision," said Dr. Yang. The method combines endoscopic and robotic surgery, using an innovative tool developed and patented by Dr. Yang - it allows the incision during surgery is significantly lower. Taiwanese medic explained that the new tool helps overcome a major problem in surgery of the head and neck - how to protect important structures such as blood vessels and nerves while remaining after surgery scars to be minimal.

Source: jivotatdnes.bg

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