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5 January, 2007 Taiwan started a speed rail
On 5 January, 2007 in Taiwan was put into motion a high-speed train.

The composition consists 12 carriages. It can develop speed to 300 km / h. The implementation of this major infrastructure project, the idea of which is from two decades ago, started in 2000.

The high-speed railway project of Taiwan is worth of 18 billion dollars.

THSR 700T train runs between the capital Taipei and the southern city of Kaohsiung, reducing travel time from 4.5 hours to 90 minutes. Till December 2016 the train is used by 400 million passengers.

Autor: Ventsislav Mihaylov
Source: fakti.bg/world/217932-5-anuari-2007-g-taivan-pusna-skorostna-jeleznica

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